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Protective glass screens

The function of the protective screen made of glass, when it comes to bio fireplaces, is primarily to direct the flow of cold air into the firebox space.

If the flame bends backwards or forwards or is uneven, it is necessary to plan the installation of a protective screen.

All our protective screens are made of tempered glass, resistant to high temperatures, mounted on a stainless steel brackets.

We are in a position to offer two standard screen dimensions for use with the Line Burner series:

75cm x 5cm and 75cm x 10cm

as well as the possibility of ordering the screen as required.


Decorative ceramic logs

If your design requires as faithful fireplace look as possible, decorative ceramic logs will complete and empasise the ambient of a traditional fireplace.

Made of quality ceramics resistant to high temperatures, they are a unique work of sculptors, which fully gives the impression of real wood.


Natural stone decor

Decorating with natural stone is a common and almost unavoidable detail when designing a bio fireplace.

It is possible to use almost any type of stone, however, our recommendation is white or gray marble pebbles as well as slate leaves, black and gold - brown color, different in sizes, which will certainly contribute to the natural look of your fireplace.





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