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Box Burner L Automatic

BBL Automatic – upgraded version of proven BBL, tested by TUV Rheinland laboratories. Now you may set on BBL from your armchair using Android / iOS device or remote control. Opening, igniting, regulating and turning off, all on touch of your finger – on Android / iOS phone or tablet pc or RC remote control supplied – or booth – as you wish! All you need is electrical socket and fun may begin! 

Special feature of our concept is separate electronic control unit able to support multiple burners for tandem function connecting. If your design requires more than one burner - no problem at all! Your multiple burner fireplace will be controlled from one spot, with one remote control, or Android / iOS device.

  • Fully adjustable flame, heat and fuel consumption by sophisticated fireplace burner sliding mechanism guided by electronic device.
  • No loose fuel - all the fire produced in our fireplace burner is from fuel vapors through perforated area – extra safety feature
  • One piece moulded tank plus outer safety tray
  • EECT - Evaporated Ethanol Combustion Technology
  • Robust and durable fireplace burner design
  • 2 year warranty
Box Burner L Automatic
technical data
Ignition, flame size regulation and flameout By electric lighter and burner sliding mechanism guided by electronic device
Tank size 2,95 l
Burning time Up to 6 h on maximum setting
Thermal output Up to 3 Kw on maximum setting
Reqiured room volume 70 cub. m
Fuel consumption Approximately 0,40 l per hour on maximum setting
Weight 7 kg
Controlling RF remote controle and Android / iOS IoT App via WiFi
Electronic controle unit Separate electronic control unit able to support multiple burners for tandem function connecting
Power supply 220V / 50 Hz
box burner L automatic
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