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Box Burner L

Best seller of our range – Box Burner L fireplace burner is made according to DIN 4734-1 standard for maximum safety and efficiency.

  • Fully adjustable flame, heat and fuel consumption by sophisticated fireplace burner sliding mechanism
  • No loose fuel - all the fire produced in our fireplace burner is from fuel vapors through perforated area – extra safety feature
  • One piece moulded tank plus outer safety tray
  • Robust and durable fireplace burner design
  • 2 year warranty
Box Burner L
technical data
Flame size regulation By burner sliding mechanism
Tank size 2,95 l
Burning time Up to 6 h on maximum setting
Thermal output Up to 3 Kw on maximum setting
Reqiured room volume 70 cub. m
Fuel consumption Approximately 0,40 l per hour on maximum setting
Weight 6 kg


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