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round burner L - OS

Special out door design –extinguishing hood with the water stop gasket – you can now, leave your fireplace burner out side with no fear it will be filled with water. It also helps to save the fuel - preventing most of evaporation when fireplace burner is not in use.

  • Unique fireplace burner design and functionality
  • No loose fuel - all the fire produced in our burner is from fuel vapor through perforated area – extra safety feature
  • One piece molded tank plus outer safety tray
  • Robust and durable fireplace burner design
  • 2 year warranty
round burner L - OS photo
technical data
Extinguishing and combustion pit protection Stainless steel closing lid
Tank size 2,95 l
Burning time Up to 6 h
Thermal output Up to 3 Kw
Reqiured room size for outdoor use
Fuel consumption Approximately 0,40 l per hour
Weight 8 kg


round burner L - OS drawing
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